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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gloomy disposition

So the weather in good ol' upstate New York is approaching 90 degrees, and I'm a huge lover of the heat. So much so that I book my Las Vegas vacations in August. So why am I in such a blah mood?

Gorgeous days like these remind me of the life I had three years ago, before full-time jobs, car payments and DVR as my main source of entertainment. I remember spending lazy June days outside at my apartment soaking in the rays on the rooftop deck, only getting up for a popsicle or a refill of pink lemonade. I would stay out there until my skin felt like it was about to boil off or until it was time for me to go work the phones as a salon receptionist.

Those are the days I think about now, cooped up in an office with air conditioning and a complete lack of windows. I just wish summer vacations lasted a lifetime.

Maybe I'll just do this on my lunch hour instead:

(Photo from Glamour)

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