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Friday, September 24, 2010

Beautiful Friday

Today it is nearly 90 degrees and the gold and rust colored leaves are falling and circling my feet. What an amazing way to start the season. What are you up to this weekend? The boy is out of town all weekend so I'm living it up like a bachelorette. This photo reminds me of my secret single behavior (yes, that's a Sex and the City reference). I totally used to sit on the couch backwards and watch TV. Call me crazy, but I liked the rush of blood to my head. I also would paint my toenails on the coffee table, recite lines out loud while watching John Hughes movies and eat chocolate chips out of the bag - all of which I have planned for this weekend. I'm also running a 5-mile road race for a local animal shelter, Lollypop Farm. Without their amazing dedication to rescuing animals, I would have never met Brooklyn.

(Photo via ffffound!)

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