Everything Is Beautiful: Boys in the USA

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Boys in the USA

Alright boys, I'm gunning for you today. From my observation, the only men in the U.S. who dress like this are either gay or on the golf course (this man is from Milan). There's nothing wrong with tucking in your shirt and looking stylish and put together. Just like with women's apparel, the less material and the better tailored the clothes, the thinner you look - Europeans and gays alike know this. How about you baggy jeans-wearing, extra large t-shirt sporting men make steps toward a more fashionable life? I'm not saying everyone should dress like Mr. Italy here, but how about a nice pair of tailored pants and a crisp white oxford shirt (in your actual size) to start? And don't forget about the power watch. If you're feeling extra manly, go for a leather satchel. Don't you ever wish you could carry other things around besides your keys and wallets? Thought so.

(Photo by The Sartorialist)


  1. Oh, but...there is something wrong with tucking in your shirt--if the shirt is a T-shirt, your pants are cargo jeans, and you are short in height, short-waisted and barrel-chested.

    Like my husband.

    He does have a good satchel and a pair of Docs, though, so I forgive him.

  2. It's all about making an effort to be stylish and wear clothes that fit. Obviously not every outfit will suit every man.