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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fashion Obsession of the Day

I broke my shopping ban. Madewell is having a serious sale and I was in desperate need for some new items in my wardrobe. But in all fairness, I did tell myself I wouldn't buy anything until after Christmas and that I wouldn't use my credit card. I gotta tell ya - getting used to shopping without a credit card is tough, but it definitely makes you think twice about purchases (and keeps you out of debt). If I wasn't being conservative with everything I buy from here on out, I would have this draped peach blazer on its way to my doorstep. It would go great over, well, everything - a t-shirt and jeans, mini skirt and tights (love long jackets that fall below a skirt's hemline) or as a suiting jacket alternative.

(Photo from Shopbop)

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