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Monday, January 18, 2010

Beautiful weekend

This weekend was so lazy. On Friday we watched Grey Gardens just in time for its Golden Globes win. Saturday I had lunch with a friend and ate my favorite soup at a cafe right near my apartment - their tomato and artichoke soup with crunchy garlic crostinis is a creamy heaven. Then I went to the grand opening of Anthropologie with some girlfriends and spent way too much money. I wasn't planning on buying this navy and yellow polka dot dress until it fit in a size zero - sold! Sunday I baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies and Parisian macarons (not so successful this time) and watched the Golden Globes awards. I was rooting for Up In The Air, but I guess it wasn't their night. My pick for best dressed? Anna Paquin glowed in her plunging gold paillette dress (although I have to say the shoes were a questionable choice).

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  1. I am going today to try that soup!! Last time I was there was my first time and I was deciding between the roasted red pepper with smoked gouda and that one. I chose the rstd red pepper and it was amazing! Looking forward to tomato artichoke today! Woot woot!