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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion obsession of the day

I'm sure my love of New York City is pretty evident by now. It's been my dream to live there since I was 10 years old; I close my eyes and dream of brownstones and yellow taxis ... it's a dream that will never leave me. But back to fashion. The simple shape of this silk dress is made truly unique with the watercolor print of Central Park in the summer and Rockefeller Center's famous blooming tulips. Must. Buy.

(Photo from Anthropologie)


  1. Hi Emily

    I think we share our love for New York City also, I love this city, kind of expensive, but it doesn't matter, move here was one of the better things that I have done in my life.


  2. Very cool, Laura! I can't wait to make the move to NYC. It's my most favorite place in the world.

  3. We have that in the store! One girl bought it a few weeks ago and I saw her try it on. It fit her great.