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Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful London

Today marks my return to reality. It feels fantastic to be home, but also really strange. My apartment felt huge compared to the tiny hotel rooms I'd been staying in, and it hit me that I can't turn a corner and see the Eiffel Tower. I've narrowed down my favorite photos, and I'll post the photos from each city this week. Today it's London. Our visit there was a lot of exploring with no real itinerary. We saw all the sights, but mostly we wandered (aka got lost). The things that stick out the most in my mind about the city is Borough Market (best open air market I've ever been to, where the vendors let you try just about anything and I had the best baklava of my life), just how expensive the city is (it's literally double the price for everything - in Anthropologie the prices were the same in pounds as they are in dollars) and the yogurt - it's thicker, creamier and so much more delicious than any yogurt in the states. It's the little things, right?

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