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Thursday, April 1, 2010


So I realized I didn't really do a proper goodbye before my Euro trip, and with the limited amount of Internet usage in Paris, I never got a chance to update everyone along the way like I'd planned. But hooray for free wi-fi on the train to Amsterdam! I don't even think I can begin to put this trip into words I'm so tired, but basically it's gone something like this: wine, baguettes, pastries (I've been on a total carb binge), walking, more walking, getting lost, meeting amazing new people, dodging the rain, jogging under the Eiffel Tower - it's been like a dream. I'll be in Amsterdam for only a day and a half and then on Saturday I come home. I'm excited to see everyone I love, but I will miss Paris dearly. Now I have to brainstorm a way to move there. To start uploading photos (I've taken over 1,000 so far) would take forever on this train's Internet connection, so I'll just share with you my favorite of the entire trip. I met this group of American high school seniors attempting to do the infamous "jump in front of a famous monument" photo. But all they had was a point and shoot, so they were never going to make it work. I offered to send them this photo on Facebook, and I really hope they're as excited as I am about it.

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