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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful New York

What an amazing three days in New York City. The trip has only reaffirmed my love for the city and my belief that it's my destiny to move there. On Sunday, I met up with a friend who recently moved there for a job. We hit up the Brooklyn Flea Market and I scored a few great finds, including a handmade necklace. She also introduced me to the delicious whipped air that is Pinkberry. Monday I stayed close to the West Village (my favorite neighborhood) and shopped my little heart out. I just love the Marc by MJ Store there - they have a whole selection of thrifty accessories, like water bottles and totes for under $20. I also continued my quest for the best cupcake in NYC at Billy's Bakery (more on that in another post). Then it was time for the Yankees versus Red Sox game. I definitely consider myself a girlfriend of a Yankees fan, although my crush on Brett Gardner makes it much easier to watch four hour games at home. But there's something about live sporting events that gets me energized. And this was a great game to watch (they won in the bottom of the ninth inning). Tuesday it poured all day but we had just enough time before our flight to grab brunch at Clinton Street Baking Company in the East Village. Everyone raves about their pancakes, and they were everything I imagined. Light and fluffy, sweet and delicious. But it was the maple butter syrup I will continue to dream about.

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