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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beautiful Friday

Last night a friend told me he can't figure me out. And he's right. I'm not someone who opens up easily. One of those people who did understand me, my best friend since 8th grade, made me laugh until I gasped for air. Together we were a blonde hurricane. But we had a falling out and probably will never be friends again. Yesterday's conversation and this picture reminded me of her. Have you ever gone through a BFF breakup?

But this is entirely too melancholy of a topic for a Friday. So here's some girl porn.

Have a fabulous weekend.

(Photos via We Heart It)

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  1. Very few people in life understand us the way we are. The few that do, we tend to take for granted. So here is a toast to best friends, and people who love us and know us like no other....