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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love Kate

Kate Spade just debuted their Fall 2009 line of apparel and it is BANANAS (yes, I caught the premiere of the Rachel Zoe project last night). The pieces are Diane von Furstenberg meets Zooey Deschanel meets Mad Men. It's so fabulous I can't even stand it. In good old upstate New York, we don't get the good stuff, but I got to see it in the flesh while I was in San Diego. And it is gorgeous. The fabrics are luxe, the prints quirky (I fell in love with this silk Peter Pan blouse with a print of lips and cigarettes) and, of course, the prices out of my budget. I'm saving up to get out of dodge, which means no more fabulous fashion for a while. But a girl can drool, right?

(Photos from Kate Spade)


  1. Love love love every one of those Kate Spade outfits. I D.I.E. (another Rachel Zoe line)