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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fashion obsession of the day

After catching the midnight screening of Twilight: Eclipse, I still have to be a big girl and go to work today - unlike 99 percent of the movie theater full of 14-year-olds on summer vacation. Don't you miss that? Waking up at 11 a.m. only to spend your day soaking up the sun, watching re-runs and running through the neighbor's sprinkler. Oh, that was the life! These floral print Bensimon sneakers remind me of the ones I would run around in all day when I was on summer vacation.

(Photo from Madewell)


  1. God, do I ever wish I was back there! Being an adult sucks! :)

  2. Totally agree, Jen! Those summers are something I wish could exist in my adult life.