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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just say no

Could someone please tell me who is still tainting their shoulders with these Juicy Couture velour (the word makes me shudder) handbags? But wait, if that wasn't bad enough, they have a gold keychain. And an ugly logo. And pink rhinestones. And they're approaching $200! Ladies, in order to stop this handbag atrocity, we must stop the vicious cycle. Stop buying these. I don't care if you're 16. It's never to early for chicness. And it's never too late, either (that means you 40-year-old moms running around town in denim minis). And speaking of Juicy, I have nothing against a Juicy Couture tracksuit - in the privacy in your own home. Let's stop with the public outings. Without an adjective supposed to describe an orange scrolled on your ass, people might actually take you seriously.

(Photo from Nordstrom)

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